Laser depaneling

Laser depaneling for PCBA / EMS

Stress-free, clean cutting of populated rigid and flexible PCBs Circuit reliability is significantly improved and fewer or even no extra cleaning processes are required with laser cutting, which thus offers significant cost savings for laser depaneling. A new family of depaneling systems delivers an unprecedented combination of performance, reliability, and low cost. Process advantages due […]

Laser Depaneling of ceramic circuit boards

With laser depaneling systems by LPKF printed circuit boards made of ceramic materials can be processed in addition to a wide range of other materials. The cutting edges are produced technically clean, highly precise and cost-efficient. Characteristics of ceramic PCBs Due to their excellent thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion, ceramic printed circuit […]

Laser Depaneling of Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS)

LPKF specially developed laser depaneling solutions also allow socalled Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS), i.e. printed circuit boards with a metal core made of aluminium, copper or stainless steel, to be cut and separated from a total panel. Application of IMS Insulated Metal Substrates can be found in a variety of applications, which are especially […]

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