Cost Effective X-Ray High Performance X-Ray

Xspection 6000

Cost Effective X-Ray (130KV 360° rotation) The X-Spection 6000 is our most Technologically Advanced X-Ray Inspection System. As with all X-SCOPE platforms, it includes every advanced s/w tool required for a wide variety of applications. With more tilt and a rotating work table, the X-Spection 6000 is the ultimate in flexibility.

X-Scope 3000

Cost Effective X-Ray (130KV large table) The X-Scope 3000 X-Ray Inspection System is the latest addition to the X-Scope platform. Based on the very popular X-SCOPE 2000, it adds a larger working area, more power and can use the same 130kV X-Ray source found in our flagship model, X-Spection 6000.

X-Scope 2000

Cost Effective X-Ray (90KV medium table) The X-Scope 2000 X-Ray Inspection System is a full featured high-performance x-ray inspection instrument with an unbeatable price to performance ratio which includes all of the advanced features you would expect to find on a much more expensive x-ray inspection system.

X-Scope 1800

Cost Effective X-Ray (90KV entry model) The X-Scope 1800 X-Ray Inspection System is an entry level machine with high level features. A micro-focus x-ray source and CMOS digital flat panel image detector with tilting for oblique angle views are standard, all at an affordable price.

Hawkeye 9010 AXI

High Performance X-Ray Manufacturing innovation for Industry 4.0 Optimised system solution for precision parts Compact size for space utilisation Features & Benefits AI Platform embeded AXI Provides fast scan speed (0.43~0.7sec/point) Intuitive user interface to enhance operator,s convenience Realised best cost-effectiveness Inspection for surface mount circuit boards Fully automate all operations from inputting, inspecting and […]

Hawkeye 9020

High Performance X-Ray An automated x-ray inspection solution based on a unique AI Platform, fully developed in-house. Features & Benefits AI Platform embedded AXI Remarkable inspection speed & high definition with iTop technology Low false calls by Laminography and iTop integration Self-diagnosis system Best suitable solution for overlapped patterns of PCB inspection Fully automate all operations from […]


High Performance X-Ray Highest possible cost-effectiveness offline solution with excellent quality. Features & Benefits Off-line automatic X-ray inspection equipment can be easily controlled and programmed, with a variety of automatic inspection solutions The TVX-IM9000F is capable of inspecting 500mm x 500mm and 5kg samples at one time and can be used for various products Large […]

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