Fully-Automatic PCB Separators

Inheriting the excellent design of AUO series, the high-efficiency dual working table with automatic loading / unloading system, the fully-automatic PCB Separator AUI series is born. In addition to the features of clean working, effective PCB separating and easy to operate, the AUI series is applicable to assorted sizes of PCB. We provide flexible and […]

Semi-Automatic PCB Separators

The semi-automatic (offline) PCB Separator is the best solutions to fit the mass production in SMT line. Dual working table enhances the production efficiency. Standard 2 machine models are applicable for different PCB sizes (330*350mm, 450*520mm). At same time Aurotek provides customize options to meet the specific demand of PCB production. Friendly interface, accurate PCB […]

Desktop Semi-Automatic PCB Separator

AUO 3000DT desktop type PCB separator is the most ideal solution for SMT line with space limitation, the PC-based controller system provides more friendly user interface. The AUO 3000DT is equipped with its optimal dust collection system, and its lightweight design provides customers a space-saving solution. The single working table is suitable for small-volume large-variety […]

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