Semiconductor Inspection

KohYoung Meister S

Premium In-line 3D SPI System With the Fastest Speed and Best-in-class Accuracy The Meister S combines our innovative vision algorithms with advanced high resolution optics for the semiconductor industries. With these innovative technologies, Meister S is focused on delivering best-in-class performance, functionality and accessibility. Meister S’s inspection capability has already been qualified for mass production […]

KohYoung Meister D/D+

Industry’s Leading Inspection System for Advanced Packaging Superior 3D Inspection Solution for High Density Placements and Mirror-Surfaced Components Paramount 3D Inspection Capability (down to 008004 inch) Narrow Gap Inspection Capability (down to 50µm) – Highly Reflective Die Surface Inspection (Meister D+) -AI Based Inspection Engine – Diverse Handling Media Support Available

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