CMT Tester

CMT Tester is also suitable for integration into test and assembly lines with a connection to user databases and interfacing with quality management systems. Possibility of graphic presentation of results. Possibility to modify the parameters of the measured plate during the test run on the basis of the measured values. FEATURES AND BENEFITS VPC G12 […]


UNIMET 2020 represents a unique and flexible linear and mixed signal test platform for cost effective testing of a wide range of components. UNIMET 2020 is fully compatible with SZ M3000 test system. UNIMET platform consists of dozens of test adapters with hundreds of ready made test programs. It can be easily connected to any type of […]


UNIMET 1037 is laboratory benchtop test system for discrete semiconductors such as bipolar transistors, IGBTs, MOSFETs, diodes, Zener diodes, triacs and thyristors. It could be easily connected with any type of standard handler via TCP/IP, IOs or RS232. Advanced dynamic measurements are available with TA37.TIM extension.


EFFITEST e50 is ultra high-speed discrete semiconductor tester perfect for use in production FEATURES Easy to install and setup – less than 3 hours from crate to test Very high speed test – less than 35 ms to test a bipolar transistor Throughput up to 60,000 UPH Multisite and Carousel capability – split the test […]

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