About us

Danutek was established in 2004. In the past years we beacame one of the leading distributor and service provider in the region in the SMT Manufacturing Industry.

Due to the continous development of the West Balkan region, we are announcing our expansion in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. We offer customer specific, tailored solutions in the following categories:

  • Inspection (Solder Paste Inspection, Automated Optical Inspection, X-ray Inspection, etc.)
  • SMT Electronics Manufacturing Equipment (Board handling, Stencil printing, Pick & Place, etc.)
  • Front-end & Back-end Equipment (Automated Dispensing and Coating equipment, Automated Curing equipment, etc.)
  • Material Management Automation (Entry process automation with ERP integration, Automated Warehouse Management, etc.)
  • Services (Trainings, Applicational Support, New Product Implementation Support, Tailored Service Contracts, etc.)

Our headquarter is in Budapest, Hungary, where we welcome our customers and partners to the Danutek Application Center. Here we can present our solutions and the latest technological developments from our industry-leading suppliers.

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In case of any questions, please write us on the e-mail address below, or fill in the form on the right, and send us a message!

Our Headquarters

Visit us in our office, and ask your questions. Our colleagues are ready to help you in any kind of aspect.

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