Special transport

YJ LINK is a company that specializes in SMT Board handling equipment. Since our founding in June 2009, we have been recognized as Korea’s foremost authority in PCB transportation, laser markers, and routers through our active technological development and international expansion. Established in 2009 to leverage our board-handling technology, YJ LINK strives to evolve, grow, […]

Sky Line

This device is intended to acquire user access and working space in the SMT line. It may be customized for the needs of the customer and is used to utilize limited spaces in hybrid production schemes. Features Consists of elevator and sky conveyor Sectioning of sky conveyor (optional) Supports multiple PCB buffering with individual motion […]

Pallet Return Line

This device is intended to provide pallet movement and circulation in the SMT line. Features Consists of an elevator and a lower conveyor Sectioning of the lower conveyor (optional) Supports multiple jig (PCB) buffering with individual motion belt

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