Dry storage

TECHNOLOGY AND MATERIALS FOR ELECTRONIC PRODUCTION WHO THEY ARE They are a company providing comprehensive services in the field of electrical industry, which has been operating on the Czech and Slovak markets since 1990. They build a long-term friendly relationship with their customers and suppliers based on trust and open negotiations. They will not only […]

Dry Storage Cabinets

Outstanding performance for drying moisture sensitive components and PCB’s Self-constructed dynamic drying unit MPDRY5 of the MP DRY CABINET LT series reaches very reliable low humidity values of ≤0,5% RH and automatically regenerates if necessary The relevant process data is obtained by the use of a very accurate swiss sensor ROTRONIC with accuracy of±0.8%RH and […]


Why MP DRY CABINET Perfectly dries out all stored components and PCBs Absolutely no maintenance Low running costs – perfect insulation (ST series) – perfect airtightness – no purchase of consumable materials needed (MBB bags, dessicant bags) Fully controlled process – PLC INTEGRATED LOGGER for data recording and traceability Fast access =˃ flexibility =˃ time […]

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